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September 15/2011

Before You Hibernate Clean House And Be a Giver

We all can’t afford to give money to charities as a donation but here are some tips on what you can give.

  1. YWCA Women’s Shelters will take your old cell phones and have them recycled.  The money they receive from the recycling helps pay for fundraising programs for the women.
  2. Shelters also take gift cards, movie passes, sports tickets and prepaid phone cards.  These help residents relax and have enjoyable downtime to escape from the realities of life.  The phone cards allow residents to stay in touch with overseas relatives during their present challenges.
  3. Many residents have to spend their daily allowances on medicine and hygiene products.  Bus tokens and tickets can supplement their allowance and facilitate their job search.  They also help get them to the movies and sporting events for which tickets were donated.
  4. Check with your local animal alliance shelters.  Many times they are looking for envelops, stationary and paper clips as well as VCR tapes, DVDs and CDs.  They reuse #9 and #10 envelopes along with one-sided paper.
  5. Women’s shelters also want personal care products, computers, cables, dishes, flatware and other kitchen items.  Infant care products such as soaps, lotions, diaper cream and powder are always welcome.
  6. Homeless shelters will be looking for new or gently used warm winter coats, backpacks, decks of cards and board games.  Videos, books and musical instruments are greatly appreciated.
  7. Animal shelters always need towels, blankets, heating pads and hot water bottles.  Food processors and can openers are needed for feeding services.  Garbage bags, plastic bags and shoeboxes are also welcome products.

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