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Which Force Are You Using?

In history, who used brute force to create empires? It was Alexander the Great, Caesar, Charlemagne and Napoleon Bonaparte. Now who built their empire on love? Christ. Whose empire has lasted and is the biggest?

What’s your world built on, love, force or money? What is lighting your path? When others look at you would you say you look like an angel from heaven or someone who is stressed and full of dark shadows in their life?

One day American sculptor Lorado Taft was placing some lights around the statue of a boy. When the lights were placed on the floor to shine up at the statue, the boy’s looked disfigured and full of shadows. Is this how you look to the world?

Taft then played around with the lighting and decided to light the statue from above. Yes you guessed right, the boy’s face looked like that of an angel. Is this what people see when they look at you? Do they want what you have, faith in God and eternal life?

Satan has done an awesome job of telling us like he told Eve, that we are in control of our life. He tells us that we need the big house, the expensive car, the corner office while sacrificing our marriages and relationships with our children and other family members to have them. The fact is, the house, car and corner office, don’t hug us when we walk in the door, don’t cry with us when we loose a loved one, and don’t dance with us when we reach one of our goals. They don’t visit us and bring us chicken soup when we are sick or come to the nursing home when we are old. Technology is great but it is also taking away the need for human touch. When was the last time you spent a day with your parents or grandchildren, nieces or nephews?

Human beings can be extremely challenging especially in the world of – what about me, what about me, I should come first. Think about this – if your parents put themselves first, would you have the education you have? Would you have the luxury of living hundreds of miles away from them?

Are you a brilliant reflection of the Lord? Are you saturated with His light so that it shines through you so that the world will see His light and love?

Remember the woman with the alabaster jar of expensive perfume which she poured on Jesus’ head? (Mark 14:6-8). His disciples were angry since the perfume could have been sold for a great sum and the money given to the poor. Jesus however rebuked His disciples because to Him, the woman’s demonstration of her love for Him was far more important then the money the jar of perfume could fetch. Remember, God owns it all anyway and He chooses to provide by testing our faith and trust in Him and not by our works alone or the money we raise. Non-believers can raise money too. It is called philanthropy.

Jesus told his disciples that the woman did what she could. The question for you is, are you doing everything you can in your life for God? Are you using your talents and abilities? God is counting on you to impact the lives around you. Are you willing? There is a lot you can do, should do and must do. When will you start? Are you motivated by love in everything you do for others? Are others your priority or is it all about you?

Our greatest desire should be to know God. The only way to do that is through prayer and studying the Word. Paul said, “I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.” (NIV, Phil 3:8)

By knowing Christ, we will have complete confidence that He will do what He said He will in all our situations. This includes our challenges as well. If we look at the Apostle Paul, we will see that in his difficulties he never complained but declared the power of God because he knew God.

How passionate are you about knowing God? Not so we can ask Him for something but so that we can declare His wonderful works.

There is a part of us that will never die. Our bodies go to grave but our influence will never die. Are you willing to make you life count? Thomas Edison made his count and lives on in every light bulb that illuminates a room. Alexander Graham Bell lives on in every telephone that rings.

What you do here on earth will live on as a testimony or a curse. Remember that with God all things are possible so make your life count. Alone we are nothing and will be defeated. But, with God, we can make a lasting difference in this world. What have you lost if you try something and fail? What if you never try? By never trying, you have already failed and are making sure you will never gain anything. So what will it be?

Many of us doubt that was even matter in the large scheme of things. Have you asked your parents, spouse, children or co-workers if you matter in their life? They all will say yes you have. Maybe the relationship isn’t perfect but they never are. By having these relationships and being engaged in them we have chosen to impact others and have them impact our lives as well. It is a two way street.

Believe with all your heart that you are an instrument of God and prevent the thoughts of doubt from robbing you of a greater blessing. Remember Jesus’ friend Peter? He stepped out of the boat to walk on water when Jesus instructed him to. He took his focus off Christ and started to look around him at what was happening with the wind and waves. This caused him to panic, become fearful and he missed out on walking back to the ship on water with Jesus because he doubted and became afraid. He started to walk by sight and not by faith.

Examine your own experiences. Are you paying more attention to the lack of money in your bank account causing you to fear? Fear will cause you to sink like it did Peter. So how do we avoid becoming fearful? Focus on God by reading His written word.

When we begin to look at the circumstances of life, the symptoms in our bodies, etc. and focus on the pain, we begin to sink into more pain and depression. Doubt stops the flow of God’s power. The supernatural power of God began on Peter’s behalf when he focused on Jesus and began to walk on the water. Peter failed to continue acting on that power and God never got the opportunity to show Peter the full potential in the situation.

Miracles don’t happen with the snap of a finger. Many of us experience the beginnings of a miracle only to short circuit the power of God through doubt.

God’s Word is true. You will have whatever you believe in your heart. You can believe God or you can believe what doubt and fear say. Doubt believes that God’s Word might not be true – or that God’s power might not work for you in your situation. You can change that by meditating on God’s Word and believing it.

The real problem comes when we get ourselves into dire situations and then hope for God to intervene. When it doesn’t happen we get upset with God. Most likely God has not intervened because along the way we took our focus off of Him and he is trying to get us to understand that we are to always keep our focus on Him and His Word if His power is to continuously flow in every area of our life.

God’s best for His children is determined by the level of faith they have in Him and not by His divine intervention. His power is always present, we just need to adjust our focus.