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The Power of Words and Family

Second to God, the most important relationships we have are those with our family members. Yes you did read that correctly. The individuals we typically do not choose to have in our lives but who are chosen to be blessed with our graces.

Have you noticed how the enemy has targeted our relationships with our family members? Satan knows that a divided family will not be able to stand and so he is on the constant prowl to cause as much trouble in families as possible. Our defense, the suit of armor of our Lord, so be on guard.

When troubles brow among our family members, husbands and wives, parents and children, siblings, etc., stop and take authority over the source and not the human being. Call Satan on it and tell him to hit the road.

Healthy communication is the key to all great relationships. None of us will agree with each other 100% of the time but we can rationally discuss our disagreements in an assertive manner. Talk using “I” phrase instead of the knife “you”. Accept responsibility for your shortcomings and ask for forgiveness. True love is an attitude and is action oriented therefore it requires some action on your part. Yes, this means having to do something.

Are you consciously making an effort to meet the needs of your children, spouse, parents and siblings?

The most important need any of us have is the need for love and acceptance. It creates security and confidence. A friend of mine is in the bankruptcy trustee business and related two stories to us the other night. Both were due to the loss of love in the individuals’ lives. In one case, the person lost a parent with whom they had a close relationship so they tried to fill their grief with shopping. The other case was an elderly woman who was lonely. Telemarketers befriended her and she ended up having to claim bankruptcy at the age of 82.

Relationships take time to build. With time we begin to trust and love others. Make some special memories with the special people in your life. If there aren’t any special people in your life, make it your mission to build some great relationships.

Do you use your words as weapons to mutilate and destroy your family relationships or are they used to encourage and build family up? The wrong words are more hurtful and powerful than a knife stabbing or blow to the head with a boxing glove.

When tempted to use words in a negative way, stop and tell the Devil to get out. Be like Christ and have the last word. Keep at him as Christ did in Matthew 4:3-11. With God all things are possible so just put the Devil in his place. Eventually he will leave. The important key is to know what the Bible says. You can’t outtalk the Devil otherwise. Read and study the Word.

To fight Satan we need to combat him with words. Start your day by jumping out of bed and reciting Ps. 118:24, “Today is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it.”

Stuck in a tough situation requiring patience, recite Phil. 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Are you ever bothered by friends and family who only call on you in trouble? Would this be how you relate to God? Hopefully you are making faith confessions long before trouble and challenges strike.

When we speak God’s Word, we are activating His power to work on our behalf. Do you believe Romans 8:11 that the Spirit who dwells in you who raised Christ from the dead is that Spirit? If you do then you know that that is a powerful Spirit who can give you strength and energy to do and face anything. Are you demonstrating this? If you believe, you must now speak the Word and demonstrate your belief.

We get what we say and not what we think or hope. If you need the Words and don’t have them readily at hand, go to a concordance and look them up. Overcome those challenges everyday by practicing boldly the reciting of scripture and miracles will happen.